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Normalizing furnace

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As the medium of normalizing furnace industrial furnace, is a long strip. Vehicle factory metalworking workshop axle continuous furnace using fuel sub high speed burner, mainly used for train axle forging heating after heat treatment is one of the main equipment of the vehicle factory metalworking workshop.


1, easy to use, to adapt to the production environment;

2, the rapid heating and temperature uniformity;

3, the furnace overhaul period to ensure that more than five years, and the door and burner of damageable parts and convenient maintenance.


1 equipment, high fuel consumption, low efficiency, serious environmental pollution;

2, by pushing the steel track and other causes of failure, maintenance difficulties, the impact of the production;

3, automation control degree is low, the rejection rate is high, generally in about 12%.

Influence is main factors of fire system: the furnace temperature system, kinds of fuel, air and gas preheating, heating of metal type, metal loading and discharging mode, automatic control system, furnace body is made of material.

After the transformation of the furnace temperature is divided into three zones, in which the workpiece by pusher push furnace area -- heating zone, on both sides of the wall under the staggered arrangement of four burner, track is made of refractory brick arch support, so that the workpiece can be double-sided heating, and then move forward is the second and the third area, constant temperature, on both sides of the wall height wrong column four burner arrangement. Eight burner with low pressure vortex burner, a region and a second region interval is arranged between the beam and in the before and after the stove top is equipped with two complex metal heat exchanger. Both sides of the furnace wall and bottom are used brick structure, roof made of refractory fiber felts, using a high pressure blower while the supply of combustion air and flue gas for lead shoot the breeze. The air duct is provided with a regulating valve and a flow orifice plate, and a regulating valve is arranged on the air guiding duct, and a set of advanced microcomputer control system, a display instrument and a protection device are arranged.

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