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Box seal (carburizing quenching furnace


Product introduction:

SR310 series box type carburizing furnace for intermittent controlled atmosphere resistance furnace, heating the radiant tube heating element, adopts the module + regulating control, for the domestic initiative, lining using the carburizing resistance fiber material, temperature control, atmosphere control are all made of the original products, a full set of production line by car, carburizing furnace, quenching tank, double chamber cleaning machine, tempering furnace.

Application: suitable for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, bearings, tools, and other parts of carburizing heat treatment (quenching)

Characteristics: SR310 series box type carburizing furnace is suitable for the mechanical parts of carburizing, quenching heat treatment, effective permeability layer 1 to 3 mm. Can also die quenching, processing after the surface is bright and clean, small deformation, no collision phenomenon.

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