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Gas furnace


Product introduction

In 2010 our company and Japan's cooperation of low energy consumption of gas quenching furnace

Product features and use:

This product with natural gas as the energy, replaced the traditional electric heating heat treatment in the form of the 2-3 times that of electric furnace heat energy utilization. Chain used in bearing heat treatment, heat treatment, spring processing, gear heat treatment, heat treatment of solid pieces of hardware hand tools are heat treatment, heat treatment, automobile motorcycle bicycle parts heat treatment and so on.

Key technologies:

1, insulation accuracy + / - 5 ℃ 

2, 3 plus or minus 1.5 ℃ accuracy of temperature control, exhaust smoke temperature is 560 ℃ or less

3, thermal efficiency is 60-75 ℅ 

4, determination of furnace body surface temperature 50 ℃ or less

5, the actual fuel consumption and heat treatment of qualified quality than 2000 kj/kg or less

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